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It has been a tough week. I have been trying to keep the balance between school and work, and so far I think I suck at it. School, as per usual, has been pushing me to the edge of my sanity. Although I don’t have to meet with my teachers regularly these days, they have left me and my classmates with a lot of assignments and deadlines.

My photojournalism class is number one in my list of “classes that will mess with me a lot this semester”. Some of my classmates think the said class will be easy for me since I have been practicing photography for the past few years, but they definitely don’t know the struggle I’m in. I have so much to learn and I am struggling to apply it. Plus, our photojournalism teacher is so difficult to please. It’s definitely not easy peasy.

Aside from photojournalism, I also have a development story to work on. It’s about urban farming in CDO. I basically need to interview a lot of people and do a lot of research. Although I’m not working on this alone, the pressure of writing a good article is still there and it’s taunting me. It’s THE final requirement for Christ’s sake! I want this article to be a strong proof that I made the right decision to major in development journalism. Also, I am going to be in charge in making the layout for the final magazine this September and as early as now, I am asking myself why the hell did I ever take that responsibility. 

My seminar class (yes I do have a class about organizing seminars) is going quite well, I think. My group mates and I are busting our asses off just to gather more participants for our fund-raiser, The Indie Project. We had our first shoot last Sunday and I had fun taking photos despite the bad weather. I just hope we’d reach our quota before August ends. 

My theater class isn’t that demanding yet but August and September is coming really fast. It’s only a matter of time before I go nuts because Juan Tamban (a play that the entire batch will present this September), Lansad 2014 (a photo exhibit this September), the investigatory project for Physics, and the final magazine for my journalism class will happen all at once. Yes, this is going to be one hell of a semester. And "hell" is even an understatement.

Despite all the school-related things that I’m supposed to work on and finish, I’m pretty much surprised that I still have time to work on side projects and go cafe hunting. Procrastination has taken a whole new different level. I’ve had the time to go out on a pizza-eating session with my college buddies in my ultimate favorite pizza placeThey are taking up Educational Communication as their major and I don’t get to see or talk to them everyday. It was about time for the three of us to sit down and actually talk about anything and everything under the sun. 

I’ve also had the time to visit Dave’s Beanery Cafe  (which will be blogged about very soon!) and I really loved my stay there. I also went out to watch a musical play with my good ol’ high school girlies. One of my high school girl friend played the lead role. While I was watching her acting and listening to the way she sings the songs, I swear my chest was about to burst with so much happiness. I just want to stand up and start cheering haha! 

It’ll be August in a few days. Things are going to get even messier and I’ll loose sleep more frequently. I really hope all these things will pay off in the end. Seriously. 

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Here’s the second batch of my highly recommended blogs-to-follow list! You guys will definitely not regret adding these people in your “following” list. 

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The past weekend has definitely been a productive one. I’m proud to tell you guys that I haven’t been skipping classes as often as I did in the previous school year. I can actually count the number of classes I missed so far, unlike last year. Aside from that, I also participated in the DevCom General Assembly last Saturday. It’s something I have to be proud of because for the first time, I actually attended the yearly event.

Yesterday, I went on a fun shoot with my group mates in my major subject and three friends who are in the mood to model for us. One of the requirements of our major subject is to conduct a seminar this September. My group and I are focused on organizing one about the Freedom of Information Bill for our 30+ fourth year high school audience. Instead of shelling out our own pockets for the seminar’s budget, we thought of doing a photo session to raise funds instead. It’s something creative, fun, and productive at the same time.

So ladies and gents, let me (and my group) present to you, “The Indie Project”. A music festival fashion inspired photo session that will happen on July 26 -27, and on every Sunday of August. The best-est part is, I’ll be giving away two slots to two lucky winners! 

Here’s how to join:

IMPORTANT! When you leave a comment in this blog entry, do not forget to include your complete name and email address.

Not only do the winners get a free slot in the photo sesh, they will also have a chance to be featured here! The giveaway starts tomorrow until August 2. This is my first ever giveaway and I really hope you guys would join! :) For questions, you are very welcome to send me a message or email at: indigorocketeer@gmail.com.

To know more about the project, check out The Indie Project’s Facebook page. The giveaway is open to Cagayan de Oro residents only.

  1. Shiver, Shiver - Walk The Moon
  2. Rude - Magic!
  3. Get Me Golden - Terraplane Sun
  4. Gold Rays - Vinyl Pinups
  5. Brand New Day - Kodaline
  6. Hollywood - RAC 
  7. Young Folks - The Kooks
  8. We’re Coming Up - For The Foxes 
  9. Alive - Empire Of The Sun
  10. Cheap Sunglasses - RAC

It has been a tough few days and these songs have been my instant source of good vibes. I’m still trying to figure out how 8tracks work so for the mean time, I’ll just give you guys the youtube links of those songs.

Oh and excuse an old photo of mine. That was taken a year ago when I decided to tap some of my artsy fartsy friends to take pictures of me. It was sort-of their birthday gift for me haha! That was the most awkward thing I have ever done so far.

Enjoy the songs and let happiness and positivity radiate not just for a day but for the entire year! :)

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