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I have a severe flower fetish.

Good morning Tuesday 

  1. Hell’s Kitchen season 3, 4 and 12
  2. Watching people getting screamed at by Chef Gordon Ramsay
  3. Getting really hooked with cooking
  4. American Horror Story
  5. Getting good ideas during ungodly hours of the day
  6. Staying at home for the holidays
  7. Having a fun shoot after a really long time 
  8. Ezra Vine’s Celeste
  9. Devouring delicious pieces of sandwiches and mango float while playing Monopoly with the guys
  10. Watching Elie Saab’s Spring 2014 fashion show
  11. Looking through photo blogs and getting inspired by them 
  12. A cup of hot instant coffee plus Milo
  13. Messy braids and getting a super curly mane after 
  14. Books
  15. Seeing my younger siblings honing their skills in playing the piano and the guitar
  16. Writing
  17. Arctic Monkey’s No. 1 Party Anthem
  18. Basically the entire Arctic Monkeys discography
  19. My freaky dog, Mambo
  20. His unfailing love 

Inspired by Camie Juan

The heat is crazy intense today but that doesn’t stop me from having a cup of hot coffee and nibbling on some freshly baked monay

I have been staying indoors ever since Thursday and I kind’a miss this feeling. I’m trying to lessen the lakwatsa days because I’m saving up for a trip with my high school friends this May. All I ever did for the past two days was watch episodes of season 3 and 4 of Hell’s Kitchen and season 1 of American Horror Story. I’ve been quite addicted to watching Hell’s Kitchen these days because I just love watching people getting yelled at by Gordon Ramsay. The challenges and rewards interested me too. American Horror Story is a-okay so far. I kind’a like how weird the episodes are. Season 1 was a-okay. I heard that the second season is scarier and weirder. I’ll probably finish watching the entire two seasons by tomorrow lol

Anyway, aside from basking in the glow of the television and the computer screen, I’ve also tried to get back to writing again. I’ve mentioned before that I’m working on something which will be posted on Wattpad but turns out, I’ve lost interest in continuing it. I’m currently working on a new one but it isn’t that well constructed yet. I’m still working on the flow of the entire thing; the characters, the setting, the location… these kinds of things.

Ugh. I just hope our “extended classes” would end soon. I’m longing for more chill days at home. 

When we least expect it, life confronts us with a challenge that will test our courage and our willingness to change.
- Paulo Coelho,  The Devil and Miss Prym (via thresca)


This is the first fun shoot I did after a really long time. My friends and I didn’t really had a surefire plan for this but good thing a friend of mine was up for it. She gamely dressed and posed in front of the camera.

At first, I was thinking of trying a new way of post-processing the photos. I wanted to make it look a bit tumblr-ish but I felt quite uncomfortable with it. So I decided to go back to my usual post-processing, which is the one I am applying to almost all of my pictures.

I hope I’ll be able to do more this summer and I hope I’d get to photograph guys this time~haha! 

One of the best things about Cagayan de Oro these days is that there are a lot of really good cafes and restaurants sprouting left and right. There’s so many new places to chose to dine in depending on your mood or craving. Last Monday, my guy friends and I were supposed to try a new cafe but the weather was dragging us down. Plus, we wanted so much to play Monopoly. So we visited and tried a new restaurant called Francesca’s

Francesca’s opened up a few months ago but I didn’t really had the chance to try out until last Monday. When we first entered the resto, we felt like we were being transported back to the Spanish colonial era. The restaurant is owned by the Neri family. There are so many antique collections and memorabilias displayed in the restaurant owned by the said family. You can learn a thing or two about Cagayan de Oro’s history too! The pictures above shows only one area of the place. The other part of the restaurant was closed because there were only a few diners at that time. 

The place is as good as their food too and the prices are a-okay. We ordered clubhouse sandwiches, mango float, halo-halo and pancit (which isn’t posted above because Tumblr limits to ten photos pero photo post only). I really like how thick their mango float is. Most of the cafes and restaurant I’ve tried (that sells mango float) doesn’t have the same thickness unlike the one in Francesca’s. 

The best part about dining here? They actually let us play a sort-of quiet game of Monopoly. Good thing there wasn’t a lot of diners that time and we really enjoyed our stay. Plus, a friend of mine was sort-of the resto’s acoustic artist for the afternoon. 

If you’re planning to visit Cagayan de Oro soon, make sure to add Francesca’s in your itinerary! Francesca’s is located at Marfori Compound, Cagayan de Oro City. Read more and see more photos of the place here: Francesca’s - A Legacy Restaurant

R E A D I N G - Meg Cabot’s Being Nikki. It’s about time I give my attention to this book. This was sent by my best friend from Sumter, South Carolina a few years ago. I tried to read the first chapters after it was sent to me but I got lazy and school was driving me crazy that time (as per usual). Now that I desperately need a book to read, instead of buying new ones to add in my “to-read” shelf, I have to start reading the books that are already in that shelf. Here’s to hoping I’d actually finish reading this. 

W R I T I N G -  this blog entry and a crappy story about one of Carlos “Botong” Francisco’s painting as a requirement for my DC 4 class

L I S T E N I N G - to The Girl by City and Colour. This song makes me feel all warm and buttery inside. It’s so chill and beautiful that I can’t help feeling a little lightheaded. Plus this line is so heart-melting! “While I’m off chasing my own dreams, sailing around the world; please know that I’m yours to keep, my beautiful girl”

T H I N K I N G -  about possible business ventures to earn money for a trip this coming May. My high school friends and I planned to fly to Manila at first but there are certain circumstances that hinders us from making that trip a reality. So now we’re planning to visit the queen city of the south again. I’m crossing my fingers about it though. I really hope I’d have enough money to spend on that trip.

S M E L L I N G - the familiar scent of freshly cooked pan cakes

W I S H I N G - I could go on an adventure in Ireland and fall in love with a stranger like Anna Brady and Declan O’Callaghan in Leap Year. I watched the said movie a few days ago after a week full of slasher movies. This movie has lifted my expectations about men and relationships a notch higher loljk

H O P I N G - that I could go on an out-of-town trip at least once this summer *fingers crossed*

W E A R I N G - my heart on my sleeve haha!

L O V I  N G - this Gatsby themed birthday party by Luxe Parties. I’m falling more in love with event styling. It’s amazing how these people can turn a boring room into a beautiful one. I think party decorations contribute greatly to the success of the event.

You know what, one of the many things that I love about weddings (or events in general) is the couple’s theme, decorations and the dessert table haha! I have gone to a few weddings with different themes. My favorite one yet is the wanderlust-inspired wedding that I witnessed last April 5. I’ll show you guys the pictures when the company I’m working in will release it in their website :)

W A N T I N G - some cups of McDonald’s Speculoos Cookie Butter McFlurry and a lifetime supply of fries. Cholesterol forever yo! Lol

N E E D I N G - The Sims 3 and some of its expansion packs installed in our computer. I miss playing the game so much. It’s one of the many things that will keep me sane haha!

F E E L I N G - a little under the weather. I am currently suffering from a stupid cold right now. My nose is stuffy and whenever I talk, I sound really freaky. It has been annoying me since Friday. Gahd. I wish someone would come up with a long term cure for common colds. 


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